Ancient Greek Myth art

In art over the last few lessons, we have created storyboards for different Greek myths, planning and using whatever we wanted to make them! Don’t they look good?!

11 thoughts on “Ancient Greek Myth art”

  1. i really enjoyed making the storyboard of Theseus and the Minatour I liked it how we used all of the different collages and the things that we used. we used lots of different things like: paint, pastels, transparent paper and coloured tissue paper.

  2. i loved it because we could use all different paint i hope we could do it again . also we did it in partners like me and a Anais .but it would off Been more funny if i was there i hope we could do it again.

  3. this looks brilliant !!”!! I wish I was here I was with Imogen and leo ( if I was here) . I loved desiging it but I wish I was here for making it

  4. I real;y loved boing it because i was in two groups because i was with Rudy and Izzy at the start but Anais partner was porly so i had to go on her group and are is terridel.

  5. I love ancient stuff and art so that’s why i love collages.And i am creative and my Friends are creative so we worked as a team.And we maid a beautiful collage we worked very hard to make it.And we was happy that bit came out nice and beautiful.

  6. This is the first time we’ve used lots of different materials to make an amazing picture! I really enjoyed making them and I wish we could make another one! It was fun learning about how Greeks told stories using only pictures and no writing, and we all made amazing collages. 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed doing our collages I did one with Aiden and Sam and the one I chose was Daedalus and Icarus. The thing we made it out of is paint,water paints, pipe cleaners and tissue paper.

  8. I love doing Greek colleges because i am creative and epic.
    It was so fun i could do it so much times.I wish we could do it again some time

    :)from sam

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