How did the Ancient Greeks use shadows?

How did the Ancient Greeks use shadows? This was our big question for science this week. What did you learn? How did we show the Greeks used shadows? How did it show scientific enquiry: change over time?



7 thoughts on “How did the Ancient Greeks use shadows?”

  1. They used a sun bile to use shadows they also could tell time with them to and when ever the world moves the sun bile changes time is well.

  2. Ancient Greeks used shadows to make sundials which tell the time, like a clock! I learned how we see light and how the sun actually doesn’t move, the Earth does! To show that the Greeks used shadows, we made our own sundials (which were awesome!!)

    The shadow on the sundial moves as the day goes on, and they would make the numbers 1-12 on it (like our clocks!) and that would indicate the time!

  3. we made sundileds and we uesed the shado to tell the time.if you stand in the sun you will make a shado and it will be the same shape that youput in front.

  4. They used shadows for time because they have things called sun dials.I learned how the Greeks used sun dials.It changes over time because the earth spins.We made a sun dial and put it on 2 o’clock because it was 2 o’clock and it showed it.

  5. I really enjoyed making the sundials they told the time I learnt that when you have a patterned bathroom window it
    is translucent and opaque . it changes over time by when the earth is moving it is changing time
    thank you

  6. I learner that ancient Greeks use sundial to tell the time also it use shadows to work it . They use shadows to make time like a sundial. when it is a different time it move on to a differ number. like 2:00 a clock .

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