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  1. They look amazing! I really enjoyed making an Ancient Greek pot. Ancient Greek pottery usually uses black and orange. The patterns are at the top and bottom of the pot, whilst the middle has pictures that tell a story!

  2. I enjoyed doing our Greek pots and i wish we could do something else in the future about Greek. We did a Greek pot coloured in with orange then black. Then we used these things and curved around it to make picture to tell about a random story in Greek like someone getting ready for battle.

  3. It was really intresting from how we made them because you had to coule the pot in orange in first then coule it in black.After that we had to get this shap thing and it cut the black of so we could desinge them. I put sheep swirls and lines also a temple on mine so it looks like a Geek pot because some of them had a temple on it are animals people and some biffrent besigne like that. I think Mrs thought mine was good because mine went on the worle and on the front cover of the blog.

  4. Greek pots tel a story without words. We had fun making them and it was rely taring to make but it was still fun.We yusd origs and black fare the Varese.

  5. When we did our ancient Greek pots we used orange wax and black wax crayons then we got a too and etched a story on the pot.I really enjoyed doing our pots I wish we could do some thing else like it.

  6. These last weeks we have been doing and learning about Ancient Greek.We have been making Greek pots and Greek language. It has been having so much fun doing are Greek pots and language.

  7. Usually, on Ancient Greek pots they tell a story from about 2500 – 3000 years ago. On the Greek pots, they don’t have words or any letters on them ; they will be told by pictures.

    I enjoyed doing the pots it was fun.

    What we used to make the pots : first we traced around a pot, then we got some orange wax crayon and covered it all in orange. After that we got a black wax crayon and coloured over the orange really hard. At last we got some wooden sticks to scrape some of the black of of it to make the story.

  8. we did the greek pots not long a go.we made them by puting orange then put black over the top then we scrapt it of with some tools and it was so satifing.

  9. I love ancient Greeks pots because they have beautiful patterns. We did the same but we got wax crayons.1 We drew the out line of the pot.Then we got some orange wax crayons and we colored it in.Then we got some black wax crayons and we colored over the orange.Then we go them tools and pressed on the black.and it was so satisfying watching it scrape off so that’s how we did the patterns.:) 🙂 🙂

  10. On our ancient greek pots web used orange and black wax crayons .It made it even fun when we had MRS WOODHOUSE our teaching assistant .I wish we coulde do more art work
    on the Ancient Greeks it was BRILLIANT thank you mrs piper for such a amazing topic

  11. I loved doing the pots it was so so so fun scrapping the black wax off and seeing the orange again and it was a little satisfying when we scraped the wax away its was SO SO SO SO FUN!

  12. They look amazing!!I enjoyed doing the greek pots because i have never do something like that before! Thank you Mrs Piper for this fun filled topic and Mrs Woodhouse for helping us with it.

  13. They look amazing !!I enjoyed doing the greek pots because i have never do something like that before !Thanks you Mrs piper for this fun filled topic and Mrs woodhouse for helping us with it .

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