DARE Graduation

Last week we had our DARE graduation. Officer Hand came in and presented us with certificates for our graduation. We sang the DARE song really well, and read parts of our DARE reports. Quite a few parents came to watch us too.

10 thoughts on “DARE Graduation”

  1. I really liked dare because it has tought me not to smoke drink are take drugs. Also i am very glad that i have done dare because i did not now if i drink to much you could die.

  2. I’m really going to miss DARE, I wish we could do it again! It was difficult but we all graduated and had an amazing time. The DARE song was probably the most amazing song we have ever sang in school, then we spent a long time writing our reports and reading bits of them out!

  3. I really enjoyed DARE I didn’t want to stop. I t was great and we learned all about drugs alcohol and tobacco when it was our DARE graduation we got a steficut because we did so well there is different types of drugs so never take them.

  4. I wish dare was forever i <3 it .Officer hand was the best he was very nice and he told us important stuff.About different drugs and how they can harm you or kill you i miss you Officer hand !!

  5. i loved doing dare it is fun because we did all different because you good thing like drugs and hair cleanse. it was really good when we got are tops .

  6. I loved/enjoyed doing D.A.R.E. because it learns you what you should and shouldn’t do in the future. We have learned about drugs, liquids, alcohol, hair spray canisters and how to stay safe and safe on the internet. D.A.R.E. is something good to learn for the future ; you can learn lots of new things that you didn’t know before.

  7. i really enjoyed doing D.A.R.E and i wish we could do more. Also my favourite part was singing the D.A.R.E song and even shaking hands with Officer Hand!!! Our parents came and embarased us when we were doing our part.

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