This term our value at school is Patience.

What do you think patience means?

How can you be patient?

9 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. you can be patient, by waiting in a line or something and don’t moan or no pushing in. patient is where you wait in a line and it takes ages and you don’t moan or pushing in.

  2. Patience is where you wait for things {for example} if you are waiting in a hospital and it take ages you need to be patience. Also patience is self control.

  3. I like being patient because time goes past faster. And if you are inpatient then you might get angry and have no Friends because you argue with them .I also like being patient because you will have more friends that will like you. 🙂

  4. patience is a god thing to be about it can also take time to get what you want . also if you be good you will able to want you want after you wait a long time like a seaway for your birthday.

  5. Patience is waiting for something you want and not being angry when you get bored. You can show patience by staying calm and not losing your temper. I’ve enjoyed learning about patience so far, and it’s been fun designing the posters! 🙂

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